What COBRA services are provided with a subscription?

We offer two levels of service; Comprehensive and Self-Administration. Below details the services provided under each agreement.

Subscription Services

Self-Administration Services

I) Create an encrypted database storing the following:

A) Company Information

B) Insurance Plans (Medical, Dental, Vision, etc.)

1) Composite rated;

2) Age-rated Plans; or

3) Unique Plans (FSAs, HRAs, etc.)

C) Active Employees w/ plan information

D) COBRA Qualifiers

E) COBRA Participants

II) Produce and save 12 Required Personalized Notices:

COBRA Letters

A) General Notice (English/Spanish);

B) Qualifying Event Letter (English/Spanish);

C) COBRA Unavailability Notice;

D) Participant Open Enrollment Letter;

E) Multiple Qualifying Event Letter;

F) Premium Collection Coupons;

G) Disability Extension Letter;

H) Participant Removal Letter;

I) Premium Short Notification;

J) Special Medicare Rule Extension Letter;

K) State Continuation Notification; and

L) Termination Letter.

III) Communication

COBRA Letters

A) Your letters will be produced and emailed to you. The system requires you to enter employee/dependent information virtually every time you need to take someone off any of your insurance plan(s). Once you have logged on and entered the information, the system will notify you to prepare the notice. Once you provide your authorization, the system will create the notice and within minutes you will be emailed the document. Just print the letter and mail it.

B) Every evening, your data is reviewed to determine if any COBRA-related event has occurred. If there is something needing your attention, you will receive an email stating what needs to be performed. Just log on, complete the task and wait for further instructions. The system tracks items such as:

1) Insurance plan information and when to renew premiums;

2) Employees/spouses needing the General Notice;

3) To send "Unavailability of COBRA notice" (when requested);

4) Qualifiers needing the COBRA Qualifying Event Letter;

5) End of Qualifier's Election Period verifying they did not accept COBRA;

6) Dependent's age, notifying you if they need to be removed;

7) Premium payments, emailing you if a Participant has not paid in a timely fashion;

8) Participant's ages to determine Medicare entitlement;

9) Dependents who have experienced a multiple qualifying event;

10) Disabled Participants eligibility for 11 month extension;

11) Participants who made a "short" payment;

12) Dependents eligible for more months under the "Special Medicare Rule;"

13) State laws increasing the time frame under continuation coverage;

14) Perform a voluntary termination from COBRA;

15) End of a Participant's time frame under COBRA/state continuation;

16) Premium overpayments due a reimbursement upon termination; and

17) Let you know when it is time to renew your annual subscription;

IV) Support

A) When you have questions on the system, just visit the Contact page and email us your question. We will provide you with an answer within 48 hours.

Full-Service Administration Services

I) Additional Services (includes all the above):

A) COBRAadminOnline.com handles the mailing of COBRA notices;

    (except for the General Notices)

B) We will answer your COBRA law-related questions; and

C) Provide phone support.

User's Responsibility

I) You are required to:

A) Enter and maintain information on Insurance Plans and your Company;

B) Enter newly benefit-eligible employees (if a General Notice is desired);

C) Enter employee/dependents who experience a COBRA "qualifying event;"

D) Notify the system if:

1) A Qualifier sends the Election Form accepting COBRA;

2) A Participant provides documentation of a Disability;

3) A Participant voluntarily wishes to terminate COBRA;

4) A Dependent experiences a multiple qualifying event;

E) Send all notifications provided (unless under Comprehensive Agreement);

F) Enter COBRA premium payments;

G) Send annual Open Enrollment letters;

H) Follow the recommendations of nightly emails; and"

I) Complete tasks in the Things-to-do list;

(and some of these tasks you'll never have to do)

COBRA Building