Website Security Standards

Website Security

This page covers some of the most important measures that are taken to ensure that the data stored on (“the site”) is protected.

Data is the most important asset of any company. We have taken every precaution to ensure that the data entrusted to us is secure and is accessible only by authorized personnel. This is achieved by providing three levels of security. At a Physical level, Network level and Application level.

Physical Security

Our servers are stored on site at COBRA Solutions, Inc. headquarters. They are stored in a secure HVAC temperature control room. The room is equipped with a fire suppression systems, 24x7 secured access, as well as security breach alarms.

Data Security

Security throughout the Solution

COBRA Solutions, Inc. protects our customer’s data by, preserving security while maintaining data accessibility. The Site’s security has been designed according to state-of-the-art protection at every level: network, application, database, administrative, and physical.

Network/Internet Security

A Firewall, protects the Web infrastructure and only allows essential inbound traffic and restricts everything else. Because The Site maintains a high security environment in which every interaction is fully encrypted, no non-encrypted connections are allowed.

Drive encryption is used to encrypt hard drives installed on the server.

Application Security

The application assigns roles to every user and controls what data each user can access, with sophisticated password administration and encrypted storage features.

Database Security

Each database is protected by its own layers of security. Important data stored in a database is encrypted using the AES encryption method. Only the Administrator’s application server and COBRA Solutions, Inc. Database Administrators (DBA’s) have access to the server.

Backup and Restore plan

The backup and disaster recovery plan is to have the database and servers online after a disaster as quickly as possible. A backup web server can be brought up to replace the main web server. The Site stores all data on RAID arrays and takes multiple snapshots of the system daily.