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COBRA Administration Online

What is COBRA Administration and why do I need to subscribe to this site? If you are a business with 20 or more employees and offer group insurance to your employees, the COBRA law mandates you offer them the right to continue these benefits upon experiencing a "qualifying event." The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985 (commonly known as COBRA) is complex and time-consuming to administer correctly. Why do you need to administer COBRA correctly? The law has implemented penalties for noncompliance; $100 per day for each employee violation quickly adding up to over $100,000 in government fines. (In addition to fines, former employees can sue you for improper COBRA Administration.) COBRA is a problem for most employers and we are your solution. is easy to understand, constantly monitoring your account and notifying you when you need to take action.

If you are new to COBRA Administration or an experienced veteran, you need to subscribe to this site. Not only is it going to provide you with the tools you need to comply with the law, it will save you time and money. Please take the time to review the services, the annual cost and how the system will keep you out of court. We at thank you for your interest and feel free to contact us with any questions. (Look at our competitors - if they don't have "COBRA" in their web address [i.e.], is it really their "specialty?")


We have been administering COBRA for 25 years. In that time frame, with millions of COBRA qualifying events experienced, we have never been involved in a lawsuit. That is why you should subscribe to our services.

COBRA Education

How do you comply with a law if you don't understand it? We will walk you through the process in easy-to-understand terms make administration a snap!


When it comes time to remove an employee or dependent from your group insurance plan, notify the insurance carrier - then login and enter the individual's information.

Required Docunents

The law is specific on the information that must be provided in the letter to the employee (or dependent). Our notices meet the law's requirements and are personalized for each individual who experiences a loss of group coverage.

COBRA Monitoring

The system will monitor each individual, letting you know if further attention is required. Keep your mind at ease, knowing that you have experts following your qualified beneficiary's time frame, payments and required notifications.

Affordable Administration

We are COBRA Administrators (AND software developers) providing a proven administration process since 1995 and use this method on And, at below market pricing.


Email your questions and our experienced staff will assist you with your issue. We have heard almost every question and have an answer that will maintain your compliance. Our Company Mission is to provide service with 100% customer satisfaction.

Free Demonstration

Why trust our marketing when you can try the website you will be subscribing to. By logging in as a Demo User, you can see the COBRA Administration website and how easy it is to use. The system will even email you a qualified beneficiary's letter to show the service you may expect as a COBRAadminOnline subscriber.